Employee doning welding

Accredited welding workshop

More than 165 welding procedure qualification tests and approvals for steels and special materials – from aluminum, nickel and nickel-based alloys to titanium.

Genuine welding professionals: for standard or special materials.

Veltec is an accredited welding workshop. We have welding permits for standard black and white steels, duplex steels and creep-resistant steels as well as special materials like aluminum, nickel and nickel-based alloys and titanium. We also have decades of experience with industrial welding processes and more than 165 WPQ tests – from TIG and e-welding through MIG, MAG and UP welding to TIG orbital. All processes are optimized by our teams for the respective project conditions and adapted to the special requirements of our customers.

Here is a sample of our approvals:

  • DIN EN 3834-2 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials
  • DIN EN 1090-2 EXC4: Certification regarding manufacturer qualification for the welding of steel structures
  • AD 2000 Information Sheet HP0 / HP100R Manufacturer qualification for pressure vessels and piping
  • Quality assurance AVS D 100/50
  • Design and fabrication according to German pressure vessel code DGRL 2014/68/EU, AD 2000 regulation, DIN EN 13445/13480 and ASME
  • Non-destructive materials testing (VT, PT, MT, RT etc.)
  • Other country-specific approvals

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