Integrated management system

Integrated management system

Uniform processes and standards for reliable quality – in all corporate divisions and for our suppliers.

Service with passion. Management with system.

To ensure that management, teams and specialists in all our divisions work at a consistently high standard, we use modern management methods and tools throughout the entire company at Veltec. To achieve sustainable quality assurance, all management, core and support processes are defined in writing, as are individual documents and forms, SOPs and tools.

So that our customers can rely on the high standard of performance they have come to expect from Veltec in every single project, we constantly monitor our integrated management system, review it through regular internal, external and customer audits and adapt it accordingly where necessary. Apart from technical implementation, organization and service, the issue of occupational safety naturally also plays a fundamental role.

In addition, detailed requirements specifications and regular checks and assessments ensure that our sub-suppliers also reliably meet all of our quality and safety standards.

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