Employee in a training room

QHSE training

Regular qualification programs and continuing training for all members of our teams, from management to fitters.

Always at the cutting edge. Plus 30 years of experience.

To ensure outstanding quality over decades as an industrial services provider you need the right blend of experience and up-to-date knowledge. Veltec has expertise from more than 30 years of maintaining large-scale technical facilities and has undertaken more than 500 successful turnarounds throughout Europe. We pass on our expertise to the next generation and supplement it through regular qualification programs and continuing training courses for all members of our teams, from management to fitters.

Overview of our QHSE training opportunities:

Theoretical training

  • Coordinator training DGUV 1 (German statutory accident insurance association)
  • Safety officer training
  • SHE (safety, health, environment) training to SCCP code 2011
  • Radiation protection and x-ray regulation
  • Project management:
  • Manager training

Practical training

  • Competent person, scaffolds TRBS 2121-1 & DGUV 201-011
  • Load securing VDI 2700 & DGUV 214-003
  • Load slinging DGUV 209-013
  • PPE fall prevention DGUV 112-198 + 199
  • Specialist fitter for bolted connections in pressurized systems in critical applications to DIN EN 1591-4
  • Respiratory protection to DGUV 112-190
  • Crane operator to DGUV 209-012 & DGUV V 53
  • Unimog operator with assembly crane to DGUV 214-002 & DGUV V 52
  • Forklift operator to DGUV 208-004 & DGUV V 67-69
  • Tube bundle extractor operator to DGUV V 54
  • Fire and safety wardens to DGUV 113-004, DGUV 213-001, DGUV 205-001+002
  • Operator mobile elevating work platforms to DGUV 209-012 & DGUV V 53

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