On-site Service

Highly qualified teams

Highly qualified teams permanently assigned to a specific location support our customers with servicing and maintenance, overhauls and expansions and repairs and assembly work. Thanks to short response times and excellent plant knowledge, our experienced specialists in mechanical engineering, piping construction and electrical, control and instrumentation technology ensure the best possible availability for your facility.

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Mechanical & electrical engineering service

Our technical teams make regular site visits to test, maintain and repair mechanical process equipment and parts as well as automation and EI&C systems.

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We ensure trouble-free operation. Before any trouble occurs.

Veltec teams with long-term maintenance and servicing contracts are assigned to specific facilities and make regular site visits to ensure safe and technically flawless operation. In the process, our experienced technicians perform regular maintenance cycles and not only repair mechanical parts, process vessels and associated equipment as necessary but also test and repair any automation or EI&C systems in place. Due to our outstanding plant knowledge and proactive approach we effectively prevent malfunctions and downtimes.

Assembly & disassembly

Reliable and safe: from individual project phase to complete execution and from machines and technical installations to equipment.

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Professional assembly and disassembly. Safe, reliable and just in time.

Our experienced and well-coordinated teams assemble and disassemble machines, technical installations and equipment of various sizes quickly, safely and exactly according to the time schedule. We carry out comprehensive repair measures and if required can execute individual project phases or the entire project, from planning and logistics through proper alignment of components to successful commissioning.

Our range of services includes:

  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Performing complete repair programs
  • Repair and new fabrication of components and assemblies for materials handling technology and asphalt mixing equipment (e.g. stacks, feed bins and gas ducts, drying drum internals, screening machine housings and extractor systems)

Consulting, planning, execution

Specially assembled teams on site plan, realize and supervise your project, from time-critical sub-projects to scheduled major shutdowns.

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Joint forces. For your success.

Whether the job involves a major shutdown that has been planned for a long time or a time-critical sub-project at short notice, our experienced on-site team will plan and prepare your maintenance or overhaul project in detail, implement it flexibly and supervise it effectively. As your central point of contact we are always at your service, managing and coordinating the individual activities that arise and involving other Veltec business units or outside contractors as necessary without creating inefficiencies. In a nutshell: we stay on top of things and combine our strengths for the success of your project.

Our range of services includes:

  • Elaboration of project specifications and project structure plans
  • Project coordination
  • Document management
  • Scheduling and resource planning
  • Cost, progress and quality control
  • Comprehensive monitoring during all project phases

Operational support

Veltec teams on site relieve you of time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks – from quality assurance measures to the management of entire functional areas.

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You take care of the big picture. We take care of the rest.

If required we will assemble a Veltec on-site team according to customer requirements to flexibly accomplish the range of technical and organizational jobs specified. At your request, our experienced specialists can carry out safety training, look after quality assurance or manage entire functional areas such as workshops or warehouses. Naturally, we work with the existing IT, data processing and documentation systems and leave our customers free to focus on other things. We are reliable, competent and capable of working largely autonomously, or in close consultation with the customer if requested.

Our range of services includes:

  • Quality assurance by means of PT testing and TÜV acceptance inspections.
  • Comprehensive documentation in various quality management systems
  • Operation and management of workshops and warehouses
  • QHSE consultation, training and support
  • Coordination of sub-contractors and ancillary works

Piping construction

We design, build and install piping for all types of plant, according to certified quality standards and custom specifications.

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Certified expertise. And decades of experience.

From fast repairs to extensive rebuild projects, we undertake the design, construction and installation of piping on behalf of our customers, according to individual specifications and naturally in compliance with all statutory regulations. Thanks to our long-standing experience, our technical teams can accomplish even complex jobs expertly, safely and reliably within specified time frames. In addition, we not only have our own workshops for high-quality technical prefabrication but as an accredited welding workshop we also have more than 165 WPQ approvals and permits for processing steels and special materials.

Our range of services includes:

  • Custom planning including draft design
  • Material procurement
  • Prefabrication of piping and steel parts
  • Piping construction and assembly
  • Certified welding
  • Quality control
  • Support with start-up
  • Documentation

Your contact

If you would like to speak to us in person regarding our on-site services send us an e-mail: leistungveltec-services.com or get in touch today: + 49 6028 97970. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss your requirements.

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