Consulting, planning, execution

Specially assembled teams on site plan, realize and supervise your project, from time-critical sub-projects to scheduled major shutdowns.

Joining forces. For your success.

Whether the job involves a major shutdown that has been planned for a long time or a time-critical sub-project at short notice, our experienced on-site team will plan and prepare your maintenance or overhaul project in detail, implement it flexibly and supervise it effectively. As your central point of contact we are always at your service, managing and coordinating the individual activities that arise and involving other Veltec business units or outside contractors as necessary without creating inefficiencies. In a nutshell: we stay on top of things and combine our strengths for the success of your project.

Our range of services includes:

  • Elaboration of project specifications and project structure plans
  • Project coordination
  • Document management
  • Scheduling and resource planning
  • Cost, progress and quality control
  • Comprehensive monitoring during all project phases

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