Bold Tensioning

Fastening technology

We carry out complicated connection work on industrial pipeline flanges and carefully check for leaks and corrosion.

Safe connections. Thanks to advanced technology.

Our specialized technical teams check connection elements for leaks and corrosion and do a dependable job when connecting pipeline flanges in industrial/processing installations and refineries. To do this, we use a sophisticated bolt-tensioning procedure – for a time-saving and effective working method, optimum setting behavior, and a uniform load distribution on the corresponding seal.

With this wear-free hydraulic tightening method, no torsional forces arise in the screws, nor frictional forces in the thread. This prevents the bolt thread and nut from seizing up, the nut from fracturing, and the screws from shearing off. After the work has been successfully completed, we naturally provide our customers with a detailed report of each tightening process along with all of the necessary information.

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