On-site machining

On-site machining

Our 24-hour service has mobile machinery and will take care of your installation's malfunctions on site in no time.

Our repair shop comes to you. Around the clock.

The Veltec-24-hour service takes care of malfunctions and defects in a wide variety of your installation’s components right on site. Thanks to our mobile machinery, the affected parts do not need to be removed or transported to a repair shop. Instead, our technical teams carry out the necessary repairs in no time right in the affected area of the installation. This minimizes downtimes, saves time and money, and pays off even for medium-sized pipes, flanges, pumps, heat exchangers, and reactors.

In addition to metal-cutting processes for machining compressors, fans and turbines, defective shafts, and damaged pump flanges, our teams also perform leakage tests, repair pipelines with the aid of special procedures, check connection elements for leaks and corrosion, and even carry out tensioning and fastening work on flanges – quickly, safely, and professionally.

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