Pump and fitting service

Pump and fitting service

Our company's own repair shop offers comprehensive technical service for pumps, fitting, and rotating machines.

Maintenance, testing, calibration. For smoothly executed movements.

We offer our customers comprehensive technical service for carrying wheels, axes, and similar components in pumps, fittings, and turning machines. Our company's own repair shop at the Ringsted location in Denmark has excellent know-how and state-of-the-art technology for quick and professional execution right on schedule. 

Among other things, our experienced technicians maintain, test, and calibrate pump shafts, couplings, and safety valves with the aid of advanced laser technology, perform vibration measurements on motors, and provide complete technical services for rotating equipment – including lubrication and oil changes.

Our range of services includes the following:

  • Pump repair
  • Impeller balancing
  • Calibration of pump shafts and couplings using laser technology
  • Grinding of packing glands
  • Fittings service
  • Testing and certification of safety valves

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