Every day we strive to ensure that we can continue to offer our customers outstanding and reliable services into the future. Our most important tools are systematic management, standardized processes and the ongoing expansion of our own capabilities.

Our tools

Systematic management, uniform processes and the constant expansion of own capabilities. As a company, Veltec has numerous approvals and certifications to meet the highest standards. Our experts carry out complex work, provide expert advice and increase the efficiency of your systems. Our regular training ensures that we consistently meet high standards.

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Integrated management system

Uniform processes and standards for reliable quality – in all corporate divisions and for our suppliers.

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Service with passion. Management with system.

To ensure that management, teams and specialists in all our divisions work at a consistently high standard, we use modern management methods and tools throughout the entire company at Veltec. To achieve sustainable quality assurance, all management, core and support processes are defined in writing, as are individual documents and forms, SOPs and tools.

So that our customers can rely on the high standard of performance they have come to expect from Veltec in every single project, we constantly monitor our integrated management system, review it through regular internal, external and customer audits and adapt it accordingly where necessary. Apart from technical implementation, organization and service, the issue of occupational safety naturally also plays a fundamental role.

In addition, detailed requirements specifications and regular checks and assessments ensure that our sub-suppliers also reliably meet all of our quality and safety standards.

Certifications and approvals

Evidence of the high standards of our work in the areas quality and safety, health and environmental protection.

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Certified standards: safety for our workforce, our customers and the environment.

We aim to be the best in our sphere of activity. So not only are we constantly striving to further improve our performance, we also subject our high standards to regular scrutiny by independent experts and have them confirmed through certifications and approvals, for example in the areas quality, safety, environmental protection and energy management.

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • DIN EN ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • SCP:2011 Safety Certificate Personnel Services
  • SCCP:2011 Safety Certificate for Contractors, Petrochemicals
  • DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System
  • Pressure equipment directives 2014/68/EU Manufacturing to Pressure Equipment Directive for internal manufacturing control with monitoring of acceptance for the production of vessels and piping
  • Manufacturer according to AD 2000 information sheet HPO / HP100R, and DIN EN 13445 / DIN EN 13480 / Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials as per DIN EN ISO 3834-2
  • DIN EN 1090-2 EXC4 Certificate regarding manufacturer’s qualification for welding of steel structures
  • Specialized company as per WHG (German Water Act) Certified specialized company for facilities for storing, filling, transferring, producing, treating and using flammable liquids that are hazardous to water.
  • AÜG Authorization Unlimited certificate according to Sections 1 and 2 of the law regulating the provision of temporary employees
  • Electrical systems Certificate for the design and maintenance of electrical low voltage systems
  • DVGW GW 301, G2/W1 Permit for work on buried gas and water pipelines in the public network
  • Extensive market-specific approvals

Special approvals for nuclear facilities

  •  KTA 1401 (Germany) Quality assurance certificate for the planning, manufacture and assembly of components in nuclear facilities
  • Section 25 Radiation Protection Regulation Authorization for activity in external systems or facilities

Accredited welding workshop

More than 165 welding procedure qualification tests and approvals for steels and special materials – from aluminum, nickel and nickel-based alloys to titanium.

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Genuine welding professionals: for standard or special materials.

Veltec is an accredited welding workshop. We have welding permits for standard black and white steels, duplex steels and creep-resistant steels as well as special materials like aluminum, nickel and nickel-based alloys and titanium. We also have decades of experience with industrial welding processes and more than 165 WPQ tests – from TIG and e-welding through MIG, MAG and UP welding to TIG orbital. All processes are optimized by our teams for the respective project conditions and adapted to the special requirements of our customers.

Here is a sample of our approvals:

  • DIN EN 3834-2 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials
  • DIN EN 1090-2 EXC4: Certification regarding manufacturer qualification for the welding of steel structures
  • AD 2000 Information Sheet HP0 / HP100R Manufacturer qualification for pressure vessels and piping
  • Quality assurance AVS D 100/50
  • Design and fabrication according to German pressure vessel code DGRL 2014/68/EU, AD 2000 regulation, DIN EN 13445/13480 and ASME
  • Non-destructive materials testing (VT, PT, MT, RT etc.)
  • Other country-specific approvals

QHSE training

Regular qualification programs and continuing training for all members of our teams, from management to fitters.

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Always at the cutting edge. Plus 30 years of experience.

To ensure outstanding quality over decades as an industrial services provider you need the right blend of experience and up-to-date knowledge. Veltec has expertise from more than 30 years of maintaining large-scale technical facilities and has undertaken more than 500 successful turnarounds throughout Europe. We pass on our expertise to the next generation and supplement it through regular qualification programs and continuing training courses for all members of our teams, from management to fitters.

Overview of our QHSE training opportunities:

Theoretical training

  • Coordinator training DGUV 1 (German statutory accident insurance association)
  • Safety officer training
  • SHE (safety, health, environment) training to SCCP code 2011
  • Radiation protection and x-ray regulation
  • Project management:
  • Manager training

Practical training

  • Competent person, scaffolds TRBS 2121-1 & DGUV 201-011
  • Load securing VDI 2700 & DGUV 214-003
  • Load slinging DGUV 209-013
  • PPE fall prevention DGUV 112-198 + 199
  • Specialist fitter for bolted connections in pressurized systems in critical applications to DIN EN 1591-4
  • Respiratory protection to DGUV 112-190
  • Crane operator to DGUV 209-012 & DGUV V 53
  • Unimog operator with assembly crane to DGUV 214-002 & DGUV V 52
  • Forklift operator to DGUV 208-004 & DGUV V 67-69
  • Tube bundle extractor operator to DGUV V 54
  • Fire and safety wardens to DGUV 113-004, DGUV 213-001, DGUV 205-001+002
  • Operator mobile elevating work platforms to DGUV 209-012 & DGUV V 53


Safety first also applies at Veltec of course. We take responsibility for people and projects, develop multiple award-winning safety concepts and are working extremely successfully on reducing our accident statistics.

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Work safety

Safety first – naturally also at Veltec. This applies to our employees and partners as well as to projects. We develop award-winning safety concepts and work extremely successfully to reduce our accident numbers.


We take responsibility, think sustainable and act in the interests of people and the environment. Varied activities, tailor-made concepts and excellent initiatives for excellent security.
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Taking responsibility. Lasting improvements in safety.

To achieve the highest standard of occupational safety while consistently adhering to budgets and schedules is an ambitious goal that we are pursuing rigorously. That our wide range of activities in this conjunction is having a lasting impact is demonstrated, for example, by our accident rates that have been falling significantly for years.

Our customers are also highly satisfied with our customized occupational safety concepts and have shown this by regularly bestowing awards on us for our activities in this area. A current example is the Veltec initiative “Safety – It’s your life!”, which covers regular training, safety briefings and accident analyses and contributes significantly to further improving occupational safety for all project participants on an ongoing basis.

Safety awards

Our customers commend our performance as technically outstanding, in line with compliance requirements and delivered reliably by the agreed deadline.

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Excellence and reliability: as confirmed by our customers.

When it comes to technical industrial services, Veltec is not just a byword for exceptional expertise and the highest quality, but also for absolute and uncompromising reliability. This is confirmed by the awards we have already received from many of our customers – mainly for our excellent technical services, high level of compliance and absolute on-time delivery.

Here are some of the customers who have given us awards:

  • Statoil Mongstad
  • Fluor/Hercules Doel Antwerp
  • Total Vlissingen
  • Lyondell Rotterdam
  • BP Gelsenkirchen
  • Total Mitteldeutschland
  • Ineos Antwerp
  • ExxonMobil Rotterdam
  • Petroplus Ingolstadt
  • Shell Rheinland
  • Esso Fawley
  • Raffinerie Heide
  • ExxonMobil Großenkneten
  • Esso Tønsberg;
  • MiRO Karlsruhe
  • Sanofi Deutschland

Accident statistics

The accident statistics at Veltec have been falling for years and we have already been able to meet one of our long-term goals.

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Increasing awareness of safety. Reducing accident statistics long-term.

Through a wide range of measures we strive to effectively protect the people at Veltec and prevent workplace accidents, e.g. by regular QHSE training and management inspections followed by detailed reporting. We hold toolbox meetings to evaluate current safety issues and events and develop appropriate solutions. In addition, all personnel and managers working on the operational side are SCCP trained.

As a result, the accident rate at Veltec has been dropping for years, rapidly in some cases. For several years now we have been able to meet our goal of formalizing an accident frequency of less than 2 accidents per 1 million working hours.

Environmental protection & energy management

Doing business sustainably is not just part of our ecological and social responsibility, but also one of the main ingredients of our success. We pursue a well-conceived sustainability strategy, which is transparent to the public in all areas and consists of a large number of measures tailored to one another.

One of our goals is sustained improvement of energy consumption in line with the German Energy Services Act through the design and optimization of measuring and control equipment and entire system parts. We support our customers through a harmonized system of certifications and comprehensive consultation services in the following areas:

  • Environmental management (we have our own certification to DIN EN ISO 14001 and support you in implementing environmental management in your facilities).
  • Sustainability management
  • Energy management (we have our own certification to DIN EN ISO 50001 and support you in implementing energy management in your facilities).
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Organization of waste management
  • Environmental directives

Want to learn more?

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