Service Plus

The perfect addition

Our special technical services are the perfect addition to our classic offer, ranging from on-site machining and engineering to state-of-the-art fastening technology and from extensive turbine, fitting, and pump services to maintenance and dismantling work with nuclear installations.

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On-site machining

Our 24-hour service has mobile machinery and will take care of your installation’s malfunctions on site in no time.

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Our repair shop comes to you. Around the clock.

The Veltec-24-hour service takes care of malfunctions and defects in a wide variety of your installation’s components right on site. Thanks to our mobile machinery, the affected parts do not need to be removed or transported to a repair shop. Instead, our technical teams carry out the necessary repairs in no time right in the affected area of the installation. This minimizes downtimes, saves time and money, and pays off even for medium-sized pipes, flanges, pumps, heat exchangers, and reactors.

In addition to metal-cutting processes for machining compressors, fans and turbines, defective shafts, and damaged pump flanges, our teams also perform leakage tests, repair pipelines with the aid of special procedures, check connection elements for leaks and corrosion, and even carry out tensioning and fastening work on flanges – quickly, safely, and professionally.

On-site engineering

Upon request, experienced Veltec engineering teams will provide our customers with on-site support – in all phases of the project.

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Active on-site support. From variable teams.

Upon request, we support our customers on site with our own engineering unit.

For example, this makes it possible for skills in the existing team to be specifically supplemented, personnel resources to be augmented, and variable parts of the project management to be delegated with ease. Depending on what is needed, our teams – put together on a case-by-case basis with experienced planners, engineers, and other specialists – support all project phases, from the first concept study to detail engineering.

Our range of services includes the following:

  • Consultation and customer support
  • Concept studies
  • Design planning
  • Support during project preparation
  • Logistics planning
  • Detail engineering

Fastening technology

We carry out complicated connection work on industrial pipeline flanges and carefully check for leaks and corrosion.

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Safe connections. Thanks to advanced technology.

Our specialized technical teams check connection elements for leaks and corrosion and do a dependable job when connecting pipeline flanges in industrial/processing installations and refineries. To do this, we use a sophisticated bolt-tensioning procedure – for a time-saving and effective working method, optimum setting behavior, and a uniform load distribution on the corresponding seal.

With this wear-free hydraulic tightening method, no torsional forces arise in the screws, nor frictional forces in the thread. This prevents the bolt thread and nut from seizing up, the nut from fracturing, and the screws from shearing off. After the work has been successfully completed, we naturally provide our customers with a detailed report of each tightening process along with all of the necessary information.

Tank construction

Construction and redesign of storage tanks for many different industries – from oil and gas to chemical and petrochemical plants.

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We build and refurbish tanks. Up to 100,000 m3 in size.

Veltec in Denmark is a specialist in constructing, inspecting, and refurbishing steel storage tanks with a capacity of up to 100,000 m3. Our technical teams design and build new tanks and inspect, maintain, and rebuild existing tanks.

We have decades of experience in constructing tanks for customers in the industries of oil and gas, and in the chemical and petrochemical as well as other energy industries, and we primarily implement projects in Scandinavia, Great Britain, and Eastern Europe. Our technical spectrum of conventional and double-walled construction methods ranges from tanks with fixed or floating roofs to heated storage tanks.

Our range of services includes the following:

Tank construction as an EPC client:

  • Consultation
  • Engineering and design
  • Calculation and purchasing
  • Construction
  • Services in accordance with EN 14015, API 650, NFPA 11 and 15

Tank refurbishment:

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Modifications and redesigning
  • Services in accordance with EN 14015, API 650, NFPA 11 and 15

Pump and fitting service

Our company’s own repair shop offers comprehensive technical service for pumps, fitting, and rotating machines.

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Maintenance, testing, calibration. For smoothly executed movements.

We offer our customers comprehensive technical service for carrying wheels, axes, and similar components in pumps, fittings, and turning machines. Our company’s own repair shop at the Ringsted location in Denmark has excellent know-how and state-of-the-art technology for quick and professional execution right on schedule.

Among other things, our experienced technicians maintain, test, and calibrate pump shafts, couplings, and safety valves with the aid of advanced laser technology, perform vibration measurements on motors, and provide complete technical services for rotating equipment – including lubrication and oil changes.

Our range of services includes the following:

  • Pump repair
  • Impeller balancing
  • Calibration of pump shafts and couplings using laser technology
  • Grinding of packing glands
  • Fittings service
  • Testing and certification of safety valves

Your contact

If you would like to speak to us in person regarding the digitalization of your plant send us an e-mail: or get in touch today: +49 151 18894651 . We are happy to answer your questions and discuss your requirements.

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