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We are happy to partner with you to provide you with support in digitalizing your industrial facility. From the necessary hardware on your equipment and systems to an IoT platform and appropriate coaching and innovation scouting solutions, Veltec offers customized software and consulting concepts. Veltec’s Digital & Innovation Team consists of project members who work across disciplines and can adapt to your needs and the peculiarities of your sector. We combine our 50 years of experience in maintenance with innovative IT expertise to help you reach your Industry 4.0 destination.

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Veltec Predictive Maintenance

Our predictive maintenance solution provides our customers with the ideal conditions to ensure digital monitoring. The software can recognize a failure of systems or components days or weeks before it actually occurs and triggers accurate and reliable alarms in good time, allowing operators to take suitable action.

Veltec Predictive Maintenance uses your existing sensor data, which is analyzed by a machine learning program, for the purposes of predicting maintenance requirements. As the data analysis alone is not sufficient, the solution incorporates the structure and behavior of the systems or equipment. This is why the normal conditions generated by the machine learning are linked with a further layer of cognitive intelligence, the modeled expertise and experience of the system and equipment experts. As a result, the operator benefits from end-to-end monitoring of their entire system or plant, during which all potential problems with stationary or moving components become apparent.

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