On-site services for industrial plants

Veltec has extensive experience in installating and upgrading  of all types of plants. We can deliver design, construction and installation services at all levels according to your documentation. The expertise of our staff is complemented by Veltec’s certifications for  welding and installing of all materials used in the industrial environment, such as carbon, alloy, stainless steel, Hastelloy, and duplex steel. We have over 140 procedure qualifications that comply with DIN EN 288-3 / EN 15614-1 and ASME IX standards. Often, prefabrication in our own workshops is part of the service we provide.

On-site Machining

Using Veltec’s own mobile and modular machinery at larger plants saves time and is cost efficient. We are able to perform a wide range of operations on site, including milling, turning, grinding, cutting and drilling for flanges, valves, and machinery foundations in a mobile and flexible manner. The machines and tools can be adjusted to the individual circumstances on-site. Additionally, we have on-site bolt tension and stretching equipment in a range of sizes. As an added advantage, we are able to make bespoke machines and find individual solutions for our clients. CE-approved, if required.

Milling of pump-motor foundations, turning of flanges or RTJ’s, grinding of tumble dryers, cold cutting of pipes and drilling and tapping holes are some of the activities offered by us.

We gladly offer individual solutions or complete packages. We offer our customers the option to choose for our leak-proof flange connection concept. 1 SPOC for all critical parts that affect the flange connection. Both flange sealing surface get machined, we deliver the right bolts and joints and close the flange connection according to the calculated forces and flange protocols.

Our services at a glance:

• 24 hour service 7/7
• In all sectors: from food to chemical industry.
• Ability to build customized machines.
• Mobile operations such as milling, turning, grinding, cutting, etc


Flange facing is used for different applications. Whether it is applied to get the right surface finish for a perfect gasket or RTJ sealing, or to achieve the right flatness tolerances for mounting your gear or bearing, Veltec is capable of machining flanges of up to more than 6 m (236”) in diameter with extremely narrow tolerances (less than 0.25 mm).

With high-precision laser equipment, we can measure the machined flatness and parallelism of tower-based flanges. This is very useful for windmill applications.

Linear milling

Linear milling is the machining required to align machine beddings and foundations, install a pump in a refinery or mount winches on board of ships.

We have the equipment and experience to mill surfaces with lengths of up to 20 m (60 ft) in one setup. Overhauls or newly-welded structures can be processed wherever you want on site. Our laser outlining controls this entire operation and we continue until we have reached the desired flatness or tolerances.

Veltec Industrial Services Belgium 23 495x400 - Machining On-site

Shaft overhaul and in line boring

Often a shaft or an enclosure gets damaged during production because of the fact that production must go on. To reduce downtime, on-site-machining is able to make this possible on site. The damaged surface of the shaft or its enclosure, usually a bearing housing, get restored. It is welded and machined to its original diameter without a completely disassembling the pump or any other piece of machinery on which it is operating.

  • Range shaft restoring: from 34.9 till 609.6 mm – stroke from 254 till 685,8 mm tolerance H7
  • Range enclosure restoring: till 800 mm – stroke till 50000 mm tolerance H7
oh 1 e1539094909203 - Machining On-site

Other services

Many of our clients turn to us for support regarding a damaged axis caused by a broken bearing. No problem for our teams. There is no need to have it dismounted. Instead our highly experienced personnel can undertake the repair on site. Alternatively, by welding or by placing a new bearing shell we turn the axis back to its original diameter (according to the requested tolerance).

Drilling, cutting of threads and helicoils

Broken bolts, are you in the need for extra threaded holes, we at Veltec will be glad to help you. With our mobile machines we are able to drill and cut treads till M120. Worn existing threaded holes we can restore back to the original size by means of helicoils.

Colt pipe cutting and weld preparations:

With our colt pipe cutting machines we are able to cut pipes with a diameter of 1676 mm without creating any sparks. Do you require weld preparation? We undertake weld preparations during the cutting activity. We offer V- or tulip weld preparation techniques to match your individual needs.

We also offer the following services:

  • Drilling and cutting threads + helicoils
  • Welding, weld preparation
  • Grinding
  • Line boring

Want to learn more? Ask us.

Please send us a message: dirk.boeykensveltec-services.com. We would be happy to hear from you: +32 495 29 23 04.