Spark Erosion (removing of broken bolts or studs)

What’s spark erosion: the cutting action of the metal disintegrator is accomplished by creating a series of intermittent electric arcs that break down the hardest metals into minute particles. A hollow electrode, held in the head of the disintegrator, vibrates as it’s tip creates an arc that melts the material. Plain water is pumped through the electrode to wash away the disintegrated metal, while cooling the workpiece to 40°-50° C.

Hot Taps and Freezing

Did you forgot a branch in your design? We at Veltec can you offer a solution.

With our mobile hot tap machine we can create a branch on an existing pressurized pipe for you. ( look at the pictures below how we do it ).

Range till diam. 1524 mm

Presure: 100 bar max.

Temp: 100°c max.

Also in case you forgot to block in you system with valves, we can help you out.

With our freezing-installation we create a local ice blocking in the pipeline.
With our mobile colt cutting machines we cut the pipe . After this is done, a flange can be welded on the pipe and a valve can be installed.

(This way of working is only possible on non-pressurized pipes and on fluids that don’t contain salt).

Range till diam. 762 mm

Presure:( NO FLOW )

Temp: 25°c max.

Laser alignment

Shaft & geometric alignment

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