Tensioning and Torquing

Our technicians can perform these tasks for you on your site. We have qualified personnel with many years of experience and operate according to the required quality specifications and safety rules on site. The number one cause of leaks is flanges, although they are not designed to leak. Flanges leak due to incorrect assembly and inaccurate bolt loads. Using hydraulic bolt torques or tensioners, we provide controlled bolt tensioning services to ensure your flanges will not leak, enhancing system integrity, safety and reducing costly unscheduled downtime. To prevent leakages, we offer our customers a total package of services. We check the surface of the flange, machining where necessary, deliver the right gaskets and bolts and closing the flange connection with the correct calculated bolt strength. One SPOC for all activities!

Our mechanics are all certified according to IS-010 and/or and-1591-4 and only work with calibrated tools.

If can offer you both Torquing and tensioning solutions.

What is the difference between the two techniques?

The desired bolt load is obtained by a certain number of Nm on the nut (nut distortion).

Our range: 290 Nm tot 62358 Nm


The desired bolt load is obtained by the direct axial stretching of the bolt.

Our range: 285 kN tot 2466 kN.

If desired/required by the client we can also offer an ultrasonic bolt tension measurement. By means of sound waves we can measure the exact elongation of the bolt.
The advantage of this system is that the test can be done without taken your installation out of service.

Complex installations

  • On-site or workshop
  • Our machines are adaptable to any given diameter or length
  • 24 hr 7/7 services
  • In Belgium and abroad
  • Small and large projects
Veltec bolting 495x377 - Tensioning & Torquing

Recent torquing projects:

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Recent tensioning projects:

IMG 1567 495x400 - Tensioning & Torquing

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