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Our specialists work hand-in-hand with customers to find efficient solutions to their individual requirements. We remain constantly at your side as a strong partner. We will support you with our excellent services for on-site machining, leak repair, torque and tensioning, spark erosion, laser alignment, steelwork or workshop activities. Whatever your special requirements are, you are in safe hands with Veltec. In Belgium you find us in Kapellen.

Media Release

Focus on the manufacturing industry

Leadec sells Veltec to Plant Systems & Services PSS GmbH

Stuttgart/Niedernberg, 2018-11-23 – Plant Systems & Services PSS GmbH has acquired the Veltec Group from the Leadec Group – subject to the fulfillment of standard conditions. Leadec will completely focus on its strategic growth targets in the manufacturing industry, while Veltec will strengthen its position in the process industry with this strategic partner.

“We want to make sure that Veltec can exploit its full growth and development potential,” says Markus Glaser-Gallion, CEO of the Leadec Group. “It was important for us to find a partner for Veltec who would preserve the company in its entirety and offer a stable home. I am very pleased that this is the case with Plant Systems & Services PSS GmbH.” Closing will take place after clearance by the competition authorities. It has been agreed to maintain silence on the framework conditions of the sale.

The Leadec Group is focusing on expanding the market position of its Leadec group division in the manufacturing industry. As a result, the company is now selling the Veltec group division, which provides services to the process industry. The lack of synergies between the two divisions and their difference in size – Leadec employs around 20,000 people while Veltec employs about 1,000 – require different structures and processes. With the new owner, Veltec can fully exploit its growth and development goals in the process industry.

Plant Systems & Services PSS GmbH (PSS) is the holding company for a group of specialized companies that provide services for the energy and process industry, such as for power plants and chemical and steel companies, waste incineration plants and district heating suppliers. The range of services includes engineering, servicing, repair and maintenance, and the retrofitting and conversion of existing facilities, subsystems and components.

The signing took place on November 23, 2018. The Veltec Group is to be taken over retroactively as of December 31, 2017. The sale will have no impact on Veltec’s current projects and framework contracts. They will be performed with the same high quality and new projects will also be started. The operational contact persons for Veltec’s customers will remain the same.

In this transaction, Leadec received legal advice from Freshfields with Dr. Natascha Doll in charge and M&A advice from Clearwater International
under the direction of Ralph Schmücking. PSS received legal advice from GvW Graf von Westphalen with Dr. Malte J. Hiort in charge.

About Leadec

Leadec is the leading provider of technical services for the automotive and manufacturing industries. The company, which is headquartered in Stuttgart, employs almost 20,000 people worldwide. In 2017 Leadec earned sales of around EUR 900 million. For more than 50 years, Leadec has been supporting its customers along the entire production supply chain. The service provider is based at more than 200 locations, often directly at the customers’ plants and facilities. Leadec’s global services comprise: Install (installation and automation, disassembly and reassembly), Maintain (production equipment maintenance and technical cleaning), Support (IFM/TFM and internal logistics) and Digitize&Optimize (process engineering and digital services) as well as other local services.

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About Veltec

Veltec is a leading European provider of technical maintenance services for the process and power plant industries, focusing on customers in Central and Northern Europe. Veltec currently has 9 branches and theVeltec service team supports customers in the process industries oil and gas, chemicals, life sciences, raw materials and power plants on site at 35 additional sites.

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About Plant Systems & Services PSS GmbH

Plant Systems & Services PSS GmbH is the holding company for a group of specialized companies that provide services for the energy and process industry, such as for power plants and chemical and steel companies, waste incineration plants and district heating suppliers. The group is composed of four companies, including Etabo Energietechnik und Anlagenservice GmbH, which has its headquarters in Bochum, Germany and has more than 40 years of experience in construction and maintenance of pipelines and components for power plants and industrial sites in Germany. The group also comprises three smaller companies in other locations in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. Media

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Contact for press and media
Dr. Marion Hebach
Head of Global Communications
Leadec Holding BV & Co. KG
Meitnerstrasse 11
70563 Stuttgart
Tel. +49 711 7841 174

We increase your productivity

Safety, reliability and quality are crucial success factors in the process industries oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical. You can fully rely on the specialists of Veltec: as a competent and experienced team. With our flexible and multifunctional team we are able to reduce your downtime to a minimum.

Our services with more than 20 years of experience

In 1997, OSM (on site machining) was founded. Almost 20 years later, in 2016, Triton acquired the majority of the shares from the previous owner Voith. The company was renamed Veltec in January 2017 and today has 45 special skilled employees in Belgium. Veltec Belgium is also VCA**-certified.

Our strength – your benefit

Our customers benefit from our expertise and professional skills. Veltec teams offer you:

  • Reliability due to decades of experience
  • Excellent safety record through responsible conduct
  • Customer orientation, offering individual service concepts and customized solutions
  • Expertise in multiple disciplines due to our specialized know-how and professional project management
  • Flexibility through having our own production facilities and local presence
  • Company-wide, uniform processes due to an integrated management system

Personnel and training

Veltec employees and their skills are a key focus for us. It is their know-how and expertise in all the many issues that arise at a work site that ensure our assignments can be carried out in accordance with the agreed terms or improved where possible. Therefore, our employees all participate in tailor-made training programs, which constantly update them on technical and safety procedures as well as the working environment. Thanks to our home-built training plant in Kapellen, our employees are able to exercise their skills in a truthful area  (leaksealing, machining and working with bolted connections).

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