Veltec in Norway

Safety, reliability and quality are crucial success factors in the energy and process industries (oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical). You can fully rely on Veltecs industrial services specialists as a competent and experienced team. We have customized and need-based solutions in the electrical and instrumentation markets for all the lifecycle phases of your plant. We ensure flawless processes, high plant availability and, most of all, more efficiency.

Media Release

Veltec has new owner

With effect from 31 December 2017, German Plant Systems & Services PSS GmbH (PSS) acquires the Veltec Group, including Mongstad-based company Veltec AS from former owner Triton. PSS consists of a group of companies that provide service primarily in Germany into power plants, chemical industry, waste incineration and steelworks.

The PSS group consists of four German companies. Etabo Energitechnik und Anlagenservice GmbH, headquartered in Bochum, and with over 40 years of experience in construction, maintenance and components for the power plant industry in Germany. In addition, the group consists of three smaller German companies.

The sale will not affect Veltec’s ongoing orders and framework agreements.

About Veltec in Scandinava

Veltec operates in Denmark, Norway and Sweden from 6 locations with headquarters in Ringsted, Danmark. Veltec is a leading supplier of technical services and services in the oil and gas industries, power plants and chemical industries. The services include blacksmith work, construction of storage tanks, el and instrumentation, on-site maintenance, steel and plastic piping, pump and valve service. Additional information about Veltec can be found at the homepage:            

Contacts in Denmark, Norway and Sweden to Veltec remains as today.

For additional information please contact CEO Gert Nielsen at ph: +45 57 666 000

Our strength

  • Customer orientation, offering individual service concepts and customized solutions
  • Expertise in multi disciplinary projects with specialized know-how and professional project management
  • Flexibility through having our own production facilities and local presence
  • Company-wide, uniform processes due to an integrated management system
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Our industries

Your skilled industrial maintenance expert across all industry sectors: Life Sciences, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Raw Materials and Power Plants.

Our service

Customers can fully rely on our norwegian industrial services specialists as a competent and experienced team. We have customized and need-based solutions in the electrical and instrumentation markets for all the lifecycle phases of your plant.

We increase your productivity:

  • Electrical and instrumentation projects
  • On-site services: Mechanical, electrical and instrumentation
  • Offshore: Skids, container and module installations
  • Reserve / emergency power, UPS and generators
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Veltec is a strong partner for electrical/automation and instrumentation projects. We have extensive experience in projects of varying sizes, including those that have required up to 300 Veltec employees.

  • Consulting and detailed planning
  • Engineering
  • Planning and project management
  • Execution, also as the main contractor
  • Design, construction, re-construction and modifications
  • Documentation
  • Loop testing
  • Commissioning

On-site Services

Electrical and instrumentation, maintenance & modifications. Veltec has extensive experience in installation and upgrades for all types of plants. We can deliver design, construction and installation services at all levels according to the build documentation. The expertise of our staff is matched by the company’s certifications and ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

  • Electrical maintenance
  • Mechanical maintenace
  • Piping
  • Steel work
  • De- and Reassembly

Reserve/emergency power, UPS and generators

Veltec has many years of experience in supplying our customers with back-up solutions in Norway and abroad. Our customers range from oil refineries to telecommunication providers.

  • Project and system design
  • Programming
  • Installation
  • Complete system solutions – deep sea products (agent in Norway)
  • Reserve power systems
  • Diesel generators & UPS
  • Container solutions
  • Control systems
  • Rental diesel generators – sales & rental
  • Tailor-made solutions for all product types
  • Testing and service

Offshore: skids, container and module installations

Veltec specializes in inspection and Ex equipment like skids, offshore container and other temporary equipment according to NORSOK Z-015. We are a supplier focused on electrical, instrumentation and automation projects. We provide engineering, manufacturing, installation, testing and documentation. Through employees and alliance partners, we have extensive expertise in these fields, and our focus is on quality, safety, and not least a good customer relationship. Veltec is a total supplier of electrical and instrumentation services, providing management and engineering of both new and existing plants. We undertake installation, mechanical completion and commissioning, in accordance with current legislation. We have a wealth of experience gained from installations carried out under different worldwide standards.

  • Engineering and documentation
  • Module installation
  • Skid installation
  • Installation of platforms and vessels
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • After-sales support

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